5 Landing Page Tips to Increase Your Conversion Rate

5 Landing Page Tips to Increase Your Conversion Rate

James Ruppel - Monday, January 25, 2016



It’s easy to fall into the trap of focusing all of your efforts into driving traffic to your website without paying attention to your conversion rate. Improving the performance of your landing pages will result in more acquisitions without increasing your advertising budget.


Here are five ways to improve your landing pages.


Number 1: Define Your Objectives.

Whether it’s more Sales, Data Capture, Viral Marketing or simply a Branding exercise, knowing what you want to achieve from the start will provide a focal point for your campaign.


Number 2: Know Your Audience

Being aware of who your ideal customer is enables you to prepare a compelling offer and craft your message accordingly Trying to appeal to everyone, on the other hand, will result in appealing to no one.


Number 3: Get the Design Right

Your dedicated landing page should be specific to your message. Remove any content or navigation that can distract from your conversion process.

A good landing page design includes:

  • Easily scanned content,
  • Your main message high on the page,
  • Rich media such as images and video,
  • A guarantee,
  • Trust icons or testimonials,
  • Social media integration and a professional look and feel.


Number 4: A Clear Call to Action

Make it obvious to your visitors what it is you want them to do next, such as:

  • Sign Up Here
  • Download Now
  • Like Us on Facebook
  • Buy Now,
  • Or Call Us Today


Position your Call to Action Above the Fold and consider using bright colors to make sure it doesn’t get overlooked.


Number 5: Test, Measure and Tweak

Take time to monitor your activity on your landing pages at regular intervals. Make incremental changes to test and then measure it’s effect. Remember, any growth to your conversion rate will improve sales without increasing your advertising spend.


If you would like help improving the effectiveness of your website landing pages, contact us at, 631-615-2983  or contact Long Island Digital Marketer.


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