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The WSI Internet Solutions LifecycleTM

Before spending another dollar in any marketing — traditional or digital — you need to have strategy and a plan. You need quantifiable, measurable goals and a road map for how you are going to get there. Those who do not have a plan for success are planning for failure.

WSI has a proven, patent-pending approach to successful digital marketing! This process has been used for thousands of businesses the world over and grown the revenue of those business every time. Stop wasting money on unfocused, poorly targeted advertising efforts and receiving a poor return on your marketing investment.

There is a smarter way to attract new customers and grow your business.

Our patent-pending WSI Digital Marketing Lifecycle is a unique six-phased approach to Internet marketing that’s proven to generate results. Each phase of the cycle builds upon the previous phase, creating a complete marketing plan for your business that’s targeted and measurable. This means increasing your business’ visibility on the Internet and driving more customers through your “e-doors” to increase sales, revenue and ultimately, profitability.


Phase 1: Discovery – Creating Your e-Profile

The Discovery phase is where we take some time to learn about your business from the outside. We look at your business’s online profile and discover the online “chatter” about your products and services. We’ll see who your online competitors are (these may not be who you think they are) and what we can see about what they’re doing online and how that compares to what you’re doing. We’ll look at search traffic patterns for keywords that might be related to your business, how visible you are for those phrases and how you compare to your competitors. During this “first look”, we’ll use a series of proprietary tools and processes to analyze your business and develop its overall e-Profile. This will uncover how your current website is positioned, how to improve its performance, and how Internet marketing can be used to enhance your traditional advertising efforts. This is a first step toward understanding your business and how if fits into the online universe. 

Phase 2: IBA – Looking at the Big Picture

Of course, the Discovery Phase is an overview of what we can see about your business online. It is usually very revealing, but it’s a somewhat cursory look at your public profile. To really understand your business and how it fits into the online universe, we need to speak with you to understand your business, your challenges and your plans for the future. Developing a strategy based solely on what we can see about you and your competitors online would be like diagnosing and treating a patient by what he looks like when he walks into the doctor’s office, without asking him or her how they feel or what is ailing them. You might be able to keep them from dying, but you can’t make them healthy. The Internet Business Analysis is our doctor’s consultation. It’s where we will share with you our findings in the Discovery Phase, but, more importantly, we’ll learn more about your business so that we can make a proper diagnosis and discover how we can help you to meet your goals. At this meeting we’ll gain the information to set some objectives and determine how best to begin to create and implement a strategy to help you generate more revenue from the available online traffic. Depending upon the complexity of your industry, your competitors and the online marketplace, we may at this point be able to develop a strategy or recommend further research in the form of a Competitive Analysis Report to ensure we make the best recommendations for your business. 

Phase 3: Build – Putting it All Together

The Campaign Build phase is where we combine the technologies and techniques needed to deliver the best results for your campaign based upon the strategies we’ve defined above. Your digital marketing strategy will be built according to your company’s needs and budget. During this phase we also define timing and outline all of the action steps so you’re aware of how everything will play out.

Phase 4: Implement – The Dry Run

In the Implement phase your new Internet marketing solution is deployed online for the first time and your campaign goes “live”. This is where many Internet solution companies feel their work is done, but we know there’s more to it when it comes to delivering a real return on your investment.

Here’s something all the big advertising agencies know…

One of the most important steps in any marketing campaign is TESTING.

Marketers who don’t test before fully deploying a campaign are taking a gamble. We don’t gamble with our clients’ budgets, which is why Test and Learn is an integral component of every campaign we manage. This allows us to see what works best and to fine tune the strategy before rolling out your campaign in full.

Phase 5: Measure – Checking Results against Objectives

Far too often business owners spend money on advertising with no way of measuring how effective that advertising is. But as the saying goes, you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

We will use the latest Web Analytics tools to monitor your campaign and track where your best leads, sales and revenue are coming from, which pages of your website are the most popular and other important customer data. These reports will be shared with you so that you understand how your campaigns are performing and what can be done to achieve even better results.

Phase 6: Manage Results – Where the Rubber Hits the Road

After testing, tweaking and measuring your campaign, it’s time for the full-scale roll out. Once you understand where your best leads are coming from and what kind of sales messages they respond to, you’ll know where to spend your advertising budget most effectively for a healthy Return on Investment.

Don’t forget: throughout every step of the Cycle, we will be on hand, managing your campaigns and supplying you with insightful reports. It’s corporate-level marketing intelligence.

Are you ready to try an approach that gets results?

If it’s worth spending money to promote your business then it’s worth having a clearly defined plan for doing so!

Our Internet Solutions Lifecycle allows us to consistently develop and deploy cost-effective marketing campaigns that really work for our clients. It’s an approach that will work for your business too, so fill out the form below to get started with your FREE Internet Business Analysis.

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