10- Point Mobile Web Design Checklist

10- Point Mobile Web Design Checklist

James Ruppel - Monday, February 1, 2016

The Niftiest Checklist You Ever Did See That Will Help You Adapt to The World’s Love Affair with Mobile Devices

Go ahead and pick up your smartphone. (C’mon, we know it’s right there beside you!) Now enter your company’s web address into your browser. This is what your customers see. What kind of impression are you making?

Like it or not, customers are just as attached to their mobile device as you are. So if they’re searching for you through a smartphone or tablet and your mobile presence is less than stellar (aka NON-user friendly!), then pucker up and kiss that customer goodbye. Nowadays your only hope of holding anyone’s attention online is by adapting to their needs and the device du jour!   

Here’s a 10-point checklist of the best mobile site design practices so your customers don’t cringe when they visit.

  • Develop your site to adapt in both portrait and landscape orientations.
  • All elements of the site are touch-friendly and common touch ‘hot-zones’ are within the easiest to reach areas.
  • Veto the heavy graphics that slow down load time.
  • Just say no to anything that relies on Flash (It’s literally the enemy of mobile devices!
  • Make it devoid of pop-ups that re-direct or simply frustrate the user.
  • Set all phone numbers on the site to incorporate click-to-call technology.
  • Design forms to be as short as possible with auto-correct disabled on all form fields.
  • Ensure your buttons are made with CSS rather than images.
  • Font size of the body copy should be at least 14px and button and touch targets at least 44px by 44px.
  • Ensure all images resize automatically to fit varying screen sizes.




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