Paid Search (PPC) Case Study

PPC: The Only Way To Guarantee You’re #1

Pay Per Click, or PPC, or AdWords, or Paid Search Marketing no matter what you call it, it’s the only way true way to Guarantee that you will be at the top of the first page of the Google Search Results. Search Engine Optimization may get you there, or close, but nobody can guarantee that or that you will stay there. Google Guarantees that!

Google Makes It Easy to Spend Your Money

Of course, Google makes it very easy to start advertising with Google AdWords – it’s what supports its search engine and where they make the majority of their revenue ($66 Billion in 2014) so they can play with things like Google Glass. They make it simple to get started – anybody can do it – but not so easy to do it efficiently enough to make money at it. There are plenty of horror stories of businesses that spent thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on AdWords and didn’t make one sale or enough sales to pay for itself.

Paid Search Must Be Treated As An Investment

Digital Marketing and Paid Search is in many ways no different than any other business investment. You must reap more than you sow to make it pay off. And to do this, you know about the hundreds of different variables that go into making a Paid Search campaign run efficiently so that it becomes an investment that returns many times over what you put into it. Things like keyword bids, ad group bids, keywords, negative keywords, day-parting, click through rate, cost per click, ad rank, landing page optimization, site links, etc., all play a part in making sure your Paid Search advertising program makes you more money than you put into it. We do that every day. Read this case study to see how we do it.

Case Study — Pay Per Click

Case Study – PPC

CLIENT BUSINESS: National brand in Home and Business Services industry.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Lead Generation for local area sales agents

TACTICS: Multi-channel Search Marketing Program




48lowerBudget 40lowerCPC LeadSetRatePerLeadRevROIWe Beat the Competition by almost 700%!

This company had another digital marketing business managing its paid search campaigns when we started consulting with them. The other company had come highly recommended and had been working with its sister company for several years.


#1: a Smart & Cooperative Client
The client’s executive team was very open and shared with us the performance metrics they had been achieving with their current provider.
#2 Critical Analysis
After analyzing the results, we were confident we could generate more qualified sales leads for them at a significantly lower Cost Per Lead than the agency with which they were working.

#3 Client’s Capacity & Commitment to Growth
Our conversations with the company’s senior management convinced us that the business had the capacity to expand and was committed to making the necessary changes to handle the increased demand for its products and services we would generate.


592 Leads for Just $37.93!

In seven months, we generated 592 Leads on a monthly budget of approximately $3,000 for an average Cost Per Lead of $37.93 ($22,454.56 Total budget / 592 Leads = $37.93 Cost Per Lead).
The prior company would have generated an average of only 76 Leads on the same $22k budget.

A 548% Immediate Increase in the Return on Investment!

This company’s Average Project Cost is approximately $12,000. If they closed just 10 percent of the leads, its Return on Investment would be over $7 Million!
This company has a very well managed lead handling procedures and sets over 90 percent of the leads we generate into appointments.
The sales team then closes approximately 30 percent of those appointments to sales. The average sale amount is approximately $12,000.
As we continued to optimize the campaign, we reduced the Cost Per Lead to around $30 per lead and acquired the company’s two other locations with similar results.

How Did We Do It?

Digital Business Professionals uses a proven Paid Search Campaign Management Process that includes:
•    Advanced Keyword Research
•    Development of Relevant Ad Copy for Client’s Products, Services & Prospects
•    Dedicated Landing Pages for Each Product or Service
•    Advanced Geo-Targeting to Target the Right Prospects
•    Continual Campaign Optimization for Conversions (Leads, not Clicks)

Are You Ready for Results Like This?

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